Day activities

Day activities are organized for the disabled, the elderly and persons suffering from memory disorders, as well as for intoxicant abusers and homeless persons.

The aim of the work and day activities is to organize meaningful work and activities for persons with mental disabilities and to consequently promote independent coping. If you wish to apply to an activity and day centre please contact the staff of Paletti. Adults and youth with disabilities may visit an activity centre 2–5 times per week on weekdays.

The welfare centres of Ruusukortteli and Lehmusvalkama offer leisure and recreational activities for the elderly.

The day activities of Pääskynpesä offer activities for persons suffering from memory disorders and a break from nursing for their close relatives. One or two visits per week support the ability to function, bring a change to the everyday life and make it possible to spend time together with others.

The day centre of Sirkkala is a low threshold open service unit for homeless persons and intoxicant abusers. The Sirkkala day centre offers help and case management with everyday living.