Health Services for Immigrants

As an immigrant you have a right to use the services of municipal health care. If your legal place of residence is Turku, you may use the services of the Turku Welfare Division.

The Welfare Division of the City of Turku organises the municipal basic health care services in Turku and refers to special health care services at need. The services of the Turku Welfare Division are available at health stations, emergency services, child welfare clinics, schools and dental clinics.

Immigrant Office provides initial health care

The Immigrant Office provides initial health care services for a period of up to three years to refugees and asylum seekers who have received a positive residence permit decision. Returnees from Ingria receive information about health care services and a medical check-up by a public health nurse. After this, the returnees get their health care services from their local health stations.

The Immigrant Office integrates refugees to the Finnish society together with social authorities. The Immigrant Office also promotes the society’s understanding of foreign cultures.