Oral and Dental Health Care

Oral Health Care is responsible for Turku residents’ oral health care, special dental care and emergency dental care. Additionally, the Oral Health Care offers counselling for pre-emptive self-care.

Booking appointments

You may contact the appointment booking of Oral Health Care via the electronic service, by phone or by text messages (SMS). It is not yet possible to book the first new appointment via the electronic service.

Cancelling an appointment

If, for some reason, you cannot come to your appointment, you should cancel it 24 hours before the appointed time. According to the degree on customer fees, you will be charged a fee of 50.80 euros for unused appointments which are cancelled late.

Dental clinics

The City of Turku Oral Health Care has 14 dental clinics. The clinics are often co-located with health centres.

Oral health care provides the following services to Turku residents of all ages:

  • oral health care
  • special dental care
  • emergency dental care

Oral health care also offers counselling for preventive self-care.

Appointment booking is available on monday - tuesday 7.30-15.30, wednesday - friday 8-15.30, tel. (02) 266 0644.

The online booking service allows you to check, cancel or reschedule appointments.

If you have booked an appointment but are unable to attend, please cancel it at least 24 hours before the booked time. Any client of age 18 and above will be charged €51.50 if they miss an appointment without a valid reason and fail to cancel it in time.

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