Oral Health Care Emergency Services

Additional information

Emergency services during weekdays

Are you experiencing ache or pain and need urgent help?

On weekdays please contact the health care appointment booking service:

  • Mon–Fri: 8.00–15.30, tel. +358 (0)2 266 0644.

Oral Health Care emergency services are by appointment only. Ache appointments are given for the same day on which you call. Oral Health Care emergency services operate at Lemminkäisenkatu 2 (Institute of Dentistry building, street level) as well as in various other stations.

On weeknights the emergency services are available at the joint emergency services of the T-hospital, at Savitehtaankatu 1, Turku. Emergency services are available by appointment: call +358 (0)2 313 8800 between 16.00 and 18.30 on the same day on which you need emergency treatment. At other times please contact the Turku region joint emergency services at +358 (0)2 313 8800 for treatment instructions.

Instances requiring urgent dental care:

  • Strong and constant ache. The ache prevents sleep.
  • The ache is joined with continuous fever
  • Swelling in the mouth area
  • Difficulties to open mouth, locked jaw
  • Dental accidents, a tooth has come off or its position has changed
  • A tooth has chipped and it aches and rubs the inside of the mouth badly

Dental accidents

If a dental accident happens at school or at day care, please contact the appointment booking of Oral Health Care at +358 (0)2 266 0644. It is good to have a school nurse’s report about the dental accident with you. If your child has an accident outside office hours, please contact the Turku region joint emergency services telephone helpline at +358 (0)2 313 8800.

Oral Health Care emergency services in urgent cases during weekends and midweek holidays

During weekends and midweek holidays the emergency services are only meant for urgent cases requiring dental care, and emergency services appointments should always be booked by phone.

Instances requiring emergency services:

  • Strong ache in the dentition or mouth area
  • Acute swelling and inflammations
  • Injuries and accidents of dentition, jaws and mucous membranes of the mouth
  • General symptoms (e.g. continuous fever) related to dental and oral diseases
  • Complications (e.g. bleeding) after dental operations

Patients who do not meet the criteria for emergency care are guided elsewhere for treatment. For example, an ordinary chipping of a tooth or filling does not demand emergency treatment.

Evaluation of need for treatment and appointment booking for emergency services on Saturdays, Sundays and midweek holidays between 8.30 and 11.00; Hospital District of Southwest Finland, tel. +358 (0)2 313 1564.  The practice of Oral Health Care emergency services is located at Savitehtaankatu 1, Turku (TYKS T-Hospital).

When the emergency services are closed on weekends and midweek holidays, in urgent cases demanding oral health care please contact the telephone helpline of Turku region joint emergency services at +358 (0)2 313 8800.