School Psychologist

School psychologists work in basic education, upper secondary schools and vocational institutions.

The parents, school or the student him/herself can contact the school psychologist when something related to the child’s development, upbringing, learning or emotional life raises concern. The school psychologist may be contacted by phone or through the Wilma student administration system.

The school psychologist conducts psychological examinations in order to detect learning difficulties, behavioural problems and concentration problems, for example.

The school psychologist co-operates with:

  • the parents of the student
  • the class teacher, special education teacher, school social worker, public health nurse, and other school personnel
  • child and family counselling clinics, child and youth psychiatric outpatient clinics, special child and youth welfare clinic and Child Welfare

School psychologists work with all school years but their work is focused on years 1–6. The psychologists of the municipal education administration work in certain schools. The psychologist services of other schools are produced by child and family counselling clinics.