Student Health Care

Student health cares phoneservice

  • p. 02 266 1570
  • Open monday to thursday 8 am to 2 pm and friday 8 am to 1 pm
  • Phoneservice meant for students studying in upper secondary school and vocational school.
  • Provide guidance and instructions in matters related to coronavirus and in other matters related to health and wellbeing. 

Students testing for coronavirus

Read more about testing: What to do if you suspect having caught the coronavirus infection

Please note that at Student Health Care you cannot be seen by a nurse or a doctor without first booking an appointment by phone due to the current situation with coronavirus COVID-19. For further information please call 02 266 1570.

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Student Health Care provides health care services for students studying in upper secondary school and vocational school. The services are meant for students in lines of study which entitle student financial aid, with the following exceptions:

  • Student health care for students studying in Turku University of Applied Sciences, Novia Univeristy of Applied Sciences, the University of Turku and in Åbo Akademi is organized by the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS).

Student Health Care actively influences the studying environment and supports students in maintaining their ability to study, conducting self-care, having adequate life management skills as well as in reaching and maintaining their ability to function.


Doctors’ and nurses’ appointments are free of charge.

All uncancelled doctors appointments are subject to an uncancelled appointment fee. The doctors' appointment shoulud be cancelled at the latest on the day before your appointment, due to the opening hours of Student Health Care. If Student Health Care is closed the day befor your appoinment, the cancelling should be done before 9 am. on the day of your appointment.


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