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At a Student Health Care practice you can get the free basic vaccinations, booster vaccinations and, if need be, prescriptions for other vaccinations.

Vaccinations in comprehensive school

After comprehensive school everyone should have the basic vaccinations:

  • Polio x 4
  • MPR (measles-parotitis/mumps-rubella) x 2
  • Tetanus-d (tetanus-diphtheria) within 10 years

Tetanus-d vaccine should be boosted at intervals of 10 years. You must see to the validity of your vaccinations yourself. Information about earlier vaccines can be enquired from the archives of the health centre of your previous municipality of residence.

Basic vaccinations are free of charge.

Vaccinations in the army

In the military service you will be given the tetanus-diphtheria vaccine and a vaccine against meningitis (Mencevax AWCY). You will not be given any vaccinations in non-military service. You may enquire about the vaccinations you got in the military service by contacting the headquarters of the military county of your place of service.

Vaccinations for travelling

You should check what vaccinations you will need before you travel. Information about required vaccinations is available from public health nurses and from the web pages of the National Institute for Health and Welfare.