Choosing a Health Station

As a resident of Turku you have been assigned with your own local health station based on your residential area, but you may change your own health station if you wish. You can also choose health centre services more broadly from other municipalities than your place of domicile.

Changing a health station within Turku affects only the practices of health station nurses and doctors. If you choose a health station in another municipality instead, your choice will also include the services of medical supplies distribution, oral health care and child welfare and maternity clinics.

Notify the health station about your choice

If you want to change your health station or health centre, you must submit a written notification three weeks before your need for treatment at the latest. You may change your own health station again after one year at the earliest.

Forms for choosing your own health station are available in all health stations in Turku. You may also fill the form beforehand at home and then bring or send it to a health station. Your identity will be checked on your next visit.

When changing your own health station within Turku you only need to notify either the new or old health station. If you switch to another municipality’s health station you must inform both the new and old health stations.