Health Care at the Immigrant Office

The Immigrant Office provides health services for a period of up to three years to refugees and asylum seekers who have received a positive residence permit decision. Returnees from Ingria and the migrant spouses of refugees receive information on health care services and a medical check-up by a public health nurse. After this, health care services are provided by local health stations.

The Immigrant Office employs a doctor, four public health nurses, a practical nurse and a psychologist. A public health nurse will invite you for your first visit. Afterwards, you may book a doctor’s or nurse’s appointment by calling the telephone switchboard at +358 (0)2 266 0000 and asking for the Immigrant Office. You may also book an urgent appointment on the spot at the Immigrant Office, if you come to visit the office from Monday to Friday between 8.15 and 11.30. If you need an interpreter to communicate with the doctor or nurse, you must tell about it when you are booking the appointment.

The Immigrant Office's health care services are open from Monday to Thursday between 8.15 and 15.00, and on Fridays between 8.15 and 14.00.  A nurse will assess what kind of care you need and how urgently, and will book you the required appointment.

If you need urgent care, you will be treated at the Immigrant Services during its opening hours. In urgent matters during nights and weekends you need to contact the Joint Emergency Services directly.