Health Station Appointments

When you call a health station, a nurse will evaluate your situation and in urgent cases will guide you to a practice during the same day. In non-urgent cases you may also book an appointment for a nurse or doctor via the electronic service.

The health stations’ telephone lines for appointment booking are open from Monday to Friday between 8.00 and 15.30. Please see your health station's contact information for possible exceptions to the opening hours.  Listen to the instructions given by the phone service carefully:

  • You can leave a call-back request, in which case a nurse will contact you
  • You can wait on the line if the queue is not too long

A text message service is available for the hearing-impaired at +358 044 907 3824.

Cancel your appointment if you cannot come

You can cancel an appointment via the phone service at any time of the day. On the electronic health service you may cancel appointments which have been booked via the service. Appointments should be cancelled no later than at midnight (24.00 AM) on the night before the appointed time. A fee  will be charged for unused appointments which have not been cancelled or were cancelled late.