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You can get guidance on infectious diseases from Infectious Diseases Monitoring. The operation of the unit is based on the Communicable Diseases Act and is strictly confidential.

You can visit Infectious Diseases Monitoring without an appointment and call a public health nurse specialised in infectious diseases during the opening hours of the unit. Infectious Diseases Monitoring looks into the following matters, among others:

  • Check-ups of employees in high-risk occupations

The employer must determine the medical condition of food workers in order to prevent, for example, the spreading of salmonella. A public health nurse specialised in infectious diseases will interview employees in high-risk occupations who have been employed for over a month or have returned from certain destinations and directs them to laboratory tests if necessary.

  • Suspected cases of hepatitis and HIV

Please contact us if you suspect a possible HIV infection. You can give an HIV sample anonymously.

  • Food poisonings

Please inform either Infectious Diseases Monitoring or a health officer about suspected food poisonings.

  • Cases of tuberculosis

Infectious Diseases Monitoring will find the close contacts of infected persons and directs them to medical examinations.