Medical Supplies Distribution

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If your illness has lasted for over three months or is permanent, you have a right to receive medical supplies in accordance with your medical treatment plan free of charge. As a client of Turku health centre you can pre-order the supplies and reclaim them from the Medical Supplies Distribution pickup point after three weeks.

Both the Medical Supplies Distribution pickup point and nurses’ practice are located in the area of the Mäntymäki hospital. Book an appointment for a nurse if you need guidance in the use of medical supplies.

The names and quantities of your medical supplies are listed in the medical treatment plan that your doctor or nurse has written with you. If the plan has been written by a private sector doctor or nurse, a health centre doctor can verify it.

The Medical Supplies Distribution does not distribute medicines, solutions, creams, lotions, protective clothing, sheets, washcloths or bibs.

A separate home delivery is available for nappies/diapers. Always contact your own health center in nappy/diaper related matters.

More accurate instructions for ordering medical supplies can be found below.