Mental Health Services

The first place to seek help for mental health related matters is a health station. Common problems related to mental health are, for example, prolonged stress, sleeping disorders, depression, anxiety, and panic symptoms. You should not delay seeking help because early support can prevent the development of serious problems. Mental health services are given also in Mother and Child Welfare Clinics, School Health Care, Social Services, and Home Care for the Elderly.

In cases of more severe mental health problems the health station doctor will give a referral to a special health care psychiatrist in Hospital District of Southwest Finland. Non-institutional care is always the primary form of care. If the non-institutional services are not enough, inpatient care can be an alternative.

Health stations are open on weekdays 8.00–16.00. At other times the evaluation of the need for treatment for patients requiring urgent mental health care will be conducted at the Turku Region Joint Emergency Services.