Using the services of a health station

Your local health station is your primary provider of health care services in all cases of accidents and illness. A nurse will assess your situation and book an appointment, if necessary.

Contacting health stations

Health centres of Turku City have one joint telephone number for appointment booking (02) 266 1130. When you call, a nurse will assess your condition and your need for treatment. Pay careful attention to the instructions provided during the call. If you want a nurse to call you back, you may leave a call request. It may also be possible to wait in a queue depending on the length of the queue.

What should I do at the health station?

Click the location of your health station on the right side of this page to see how to register at your health station.

Customers are served in a numbered queue at health stations.

If you have been booked an acute appointment at a health station, you can wait for your appointment without having to register (the time of the scheduled appointment is only indicative). You will be interviewed and examined by a nurse who will consult a physician whenever necessary.

Where can I find my health information?

You can access your health information at:

Prescription renewal requests may be submitted in the My Kanta service.

Cancel the appointment if you are unable to attend

You can cancel an appointment through the telephone service at any time of the day. Appointments can also be cancelled in the health care e-Services. All cancellations must be made by 12 midnight on the previous day. All uncancelled physician appointments and physician appointments cancelled after this deadline are subject to an uncancelled appointment fee. Additional information is available below in the Health station fees section.