Health Centre Fees

A fee of 20,60 € will be charged from all 18-year-olds and above for a visit to a health centre doctor. The fee will be charged a maximum of three times per year. The fee is valid also in Health Care for Seafarers.

You will be exempted from Health Centre Fees if you are a resident in Turku and you can present without any delay or at the latest 30 days after your appointment a:

  • Valid Income Support decision
  • Receipt for the payment of Basic unemployment allowance or Labour market subsidy from KELA
  • Finnish veteran ID (a fortification corps or front-line service badge, the symbol “R” on the Kela card)
  • Valid student ID or a note from an education institution proving your student status
  • Proof of receiving full national pension
  • Proof from KELA that the customer is paid less than full national pension due to a reduction for early retirement or Pro rata pension
  • Free card after meeting the Payment ceiling

No fees are charged for visiting occupational health care, mother and child welfare clinics, or physicians at school health care.

Additional information is available at Health centres.