Personal assistance

Personal assistance is provided to a person with a severe disability who needs the assistance of another person in their daily activities:

  • to work and study
  • to participate in hobbies
  • to participate in society, or
  • to maintain social interactions.

You can apply for personal assistance at the city's services for the disabled. The social worker evaluates the way the service is implemented in cooperation with the client. Different practices can be combined.

You can get personal assistance via the personal assistant service, a service voucher or a purchased service.

Accompaniment Card and volunteering

The city’s Sports Services can issue an Accompaniment Card to a disabled person, which makes it easier for those who need an assistance or accompaniment to exercise and experience culture. The card entitles one person to free admission with the card holder at municipal sports facilities and cultural attractions.

The center of assistance of Southwestern Finland is one of the organisers of accompaniment and assistance services as a voluntary activity.

    Under section 8 c of the disability services act, personal assistance refers to the essential assistance of a person with severe disabilities at home and outside the home: Daily activities, work and studies, hobbies, social participation or the maintenance of social interaction. The purpose of personal assistance is to help a person with severe disabilities implement their choices in the above-mentioned activities. Organising personal assistance requires that a person with severe disabilities has the resources to define the content and method of implementation of the assistance. 



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    Turun kaupunki, vammaispalvelut
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