Assistance with car-related costs

Financial assistance for cars and car-related aids and devices is granted on a discretionary basis primarily to young people and people of working age with severe disabilities. It may also be granted for the everyday transport of a disabled child that uses an electric wheelchair.

The conditions for granting such assistance are: the severe disability of the applicant, a regular and daily need for transport (e.g., journeys for work and study), the regular use of assistive devices, and other possible reasons related to his or her disability, condition or social life that justify the need for his or her own car.

The amount of such assistance is determined according to the applicant’s individual situation. It can be no more than half of the actual cost of buying a car. Deductions may include, among other things, the refund of vehicle tax on the purchase of a new car and potential deductions for the previous car.

For the purposes of determining financial assistance, ‘aids and devices’ included in the car means hand controls and other necessary modifications required by the applicant’s disability.

More information is available from the social workers at Disability Services.