Russia's war of aggression in Ukraine is slowing down economic growth, food prices continue to rise rapidly, and energy and fuel prices have also increased considerably. We gathered information on the assistance and support available for financial difficulties in the Turku region.

According to Takuusäätiö, rising living costs drive indebted people into more and more serious problems. In addition to those on low incomes, the rise in prices and interest rates strikes indebted people particularly severely. Working residents may also face financial difficulties due to higher prices and interest rates. However, help is available.

City services help

Service coordination of initial social services for financial difficulties

The Initial social services unit provides guidance and advice on the following matters:

  • supplementary and preventive social assistance
  • financial difficulties
  • contacts with new clients of adult social work
  • guiding families with children to services

service by phone, chat and face-to-face in Monitori.
Further information: Initial social services

International House Turku offers guidance in English for internationals

International House Turku offers guidance in English for internationals. International House Turku is located at Monitori Market Square. 
Further information: International House Turku

Housing advisor for help and advice in financial concerns related to rental housing 

You can contact your advisor if even just one rent has not been paid. It is a good idea to start investigating matters early.
Further information: Housing consultation (in Finnish)

“Request help!” button for families with children

The "Request help" button is a low-threshold electronic channel that directs families with children towards the right kind of assistance. You can request help anonymously.
Further information: “Request help!” button (in Finnish)

Compass, service coordination for the elderly

Service coordination for the elderly offers low-threshold counselling and guidance on various services for the elderly and their families.
Further information: (in Finnish)

Food aid

Operaatio Ruokakassi

Operaatio Ruokakassi obtains and delivers food to low-income people through the association's member organisations. All food distributed by the organisation is free of charge to the one picking up the food bag, and anyone in need of help may enter the queue.
Further information: Operaatio Ruokakassi (in Finnish)

Other actors

Financial advice and assistance from social work of the church

If you have financial difficulties, you can get advice, guidance and sometimes also assistance from the social work of the church. Contact a social worker of the church. They will meet you personally so that you can discuss your life situation and need for help.
Further information: Turku and Kaarina parishes (in Finnish)

Talousneuvola provides help and advice when you have questions about your financial situation or taking care of financial matters 

You can discuss small or large financial matters with experts without an appointment. The service is available anonymously if you wish, and you can use the service without personal data.
The Turku and Raisio Talousneuvola is open on Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to noon and they are on call during even weeks at the Monitori at Turku Market Square (Aurakatu 8).
Further information: Financial and debt advice (in Finnish)

Velkalinja provides first aid for an economic crisis

The service provides advice and discussion help on financial concerns by phone and chat. Your difficulties can be small or large.
 Further information: website (in Finnish)