Pet Cemetery

Turku City pet cemetery is in Urusvuori on a hill close to the intersection of Kopteritie and Vanha Moisiontie.

How to get there

  • By car via Lentoasemantie and Aerotie
  • Via the walkway from the end of Tolponkatu, Kärsämäki (approximately 1.5 km from Kärsämäki cemetery)
  • By bus lines 1 and 21, the bus stop is in the intersection of Lentoasemantie and Aerotie (approximately 1 km from the pet cemetery)

Do not bury your pet on your own. You should always arrange the burial with the keeper of the pet cemetery.

Pet cemetery keeper

Turun Seudun Asuntosepät Oy is responsible for the care of the cemetery and the burial of pets as of 1 April 2015. The area is owned by the City of Turku. It is possible to give feedback about the area at the feedback service.

  • Turun Seudun Asuntosepät Oy
  • Tel. +358 (0)400 525 240
  • aarre.jokinen(a)
  • The keeper is on duty at the cemetery on Thursdays at 15.00–18.00 between 1 May and 30 September 2015

Practices of the cemetery

  • The burial place fee is 60 euros which covers 10 years of tenure, after which it is possible to continue the agreement
  • You should always arrange the burial with the keeper of the pet cemetery
  • You may bring a memorial, such as a stone with a memorial plaque, for the burial place
  • You may not use religious symbols, such as crosses, on the graves of pets
  • Do not plant plants that may become bothersome when full-grown, such as trees or bushes, on the grave
  • You may bury your pet if it is under 30 kg; pets over 30 kg must be cremated

Cremation of pets

Turun Seudun Lemmikkituhkaamo (pet crematory of the Turku region) acts in co-operation with the pet cemetery, and you may cremate your pet there.

You may scatter the ashes of your pet in the designated area of the cemetery.

The pet cemetery of Vasaramäki has been closed

Along with the completion of the new pet cemetery the Vasaramäki pet cemetery has been closed. Graves that have appeared after the setting up of signs that notify about the closing will be removed. The area will also be tidied up and unkempt graves will be removed in the future.

Graves that are being looked after will remain for the time being, and the area will function as a place for reminiscing.