Monitoring Air Quality

The monitoring of air quality in Turku city area is organised in co-operation with the neighbouring cities and the industrial and power production plants. The Environmental Protection Office of Turku is responsible for the carrying out of the monitoring. The measuring network consists of eight fixed and one mobile measuring points.

The measuring station of the city centre, situated at the market square, monitors mainly the effect of traffic on air quality. The results of the measurements are then compared with guide and limit values set up on the basis of what's healthy and what's not.

Besides measuring, air quality and the factors affecting it are researched with emission inventories and dispersion surveys. The long-term effects of the impurities in the air are monitored through biological means, such as, mapping of lichen occurrences, condition evaluation of trees and ground surveys.

The air quality data are used when making decisions and statements concerning environmental permits and city planning.

The gathered data are also useful for the people of Turku. For example, it's good for the asthmatics to know the air quality of Turku on any specific day.