Sustainable Development


  • invests in the development of the changing land-use areas around the city
  • actively develops regional transport and energy solutions
  • has a strategic goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2040
  • has chosen carbon neutral circular economy as one of its top industrial policy themes (City Board, 9th Feb 2015)

Sustainable development can be put in brief as follows: living in such a way that also the future generations have prerequisites for a good life.

Circular economy, resource wisdom, carbon neutrality, renewable energy – a dear child has many names, as the saying in Finland goes. All this is about choices for the future. Sustainable well-being means that the city will promote the well-being of its citizens in an economically, socially and ecologically sustainable way. In brief: no climate emissions, no waste and no overconsumption.

Sustainable Turku as the goal

By accepting its Climate and Environment Programme the City of Turku solidified its commitment to sustainable development and decided to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions in its region to a level that is sustainable in terms of the climate (City Council, 26th Oct 2009, section 239).

The measures of the Climate and Environment Programme aim at making Turku a carbon neutral city by 2040. Creating and realizing solutions in accordance with sustainable development is a large process of change, in which all the measures of the programme, as well as the participation of the civil society, carry great importance. The city strives for even better results both with its own actions and in co-operation with regional, national and international partners.

The biggest reductions in greenhouse gas emissions will be reached by increasing the share of renewable energy sources in district heating and electricity production, by increasing energy efficiency in all operations, and by promoting sustainable modes of transport and mobility.

In its Climate and Environment Programme the city has committed to the following principles:

  • Turku will continue to promote, monitor and report on sustainable development
  • Turku will reduce greenhouse gas emissions in its area to a level that is sustainable in terms of the climate
  • Turku will improve energy efficiency in city functions
  • Turku will increase the use of renewable energy
  • Turku will increase the use of sustainable modes of transport and mobility
  • Turku will develop public transport
  • Turku’s procurement will be sustainable
  • Turku will reduce the climate impacts of waste management
  • Turku will reduce its impacts on the state of waters
  • Turku will promote the diversity of nature
  • Turku will increase environmental education