Accessibility Representative

Accessibility Representative of Turku Region
Jaana Solasvuo

Tel: +358 505 011 507
Switchboard: +358 (0)2 330 000

Accessibility enables fluent movement and participation in everyday life: housing, studying, culture and hobbies.

Jaana Solasvuo oversees accessibility in the Turku region. In addition to Turku, the region comprises Lieto, Masku, Naantali, Paimio, Raisio, Rusko and Sauvo.

The municipalities have made an agreement on the services of the accessibility representative which guarantees the same services for all municipalities. Tasks of the accessibility representative include:

  • searching, conveying, and producing both general and technical information about accessibility and moving of obstacles
  • training, advising and giving guidance in all matters related to accessibility
  • starting and maintaining communication between municipal and private designers, builders and users, as well as other parties
  • promoting the implementation of practices which enforce or improve accessibility in designing, building and maintenance
  • creating and maintaining local, regional, national and international networks that are related to accessibility or contribute to it
  • creating a working system for avoiding, mapping and removing of obstacles as a natural part of the City’s administration