Development of Electric Charging - USER-CHI


Development of Electric Charging

City of Turku is involved in the international USER-CHI project funded by the EU's Horizon 2020 program, the purpose of which is to promote e-mobility in many different ways. The project gives cities and private operators tools and practical examples of smart charging services and their implementation. On a European scale, the project gives the opportunity to develop the local charging infrastructure to be compatible with the rest of the EU region. The ultimate purpose of the project is to create a basis for functional and customer-friendly electric mobility in an urban environment.

One of City of Turku's most important tasks in the project is to create a master plan for electric charging covering the entire city. Its purpose is, among other things, to support the cooperation of public and private actors in the construction of the charging infrastructure and to speed up the development of the city's charging network to meet the growing need. With the plan, we also want to communicate that electric car driving will be even easier in the future with the development work.

The electric charging master plan is drawn up in cooperation with e-charging service providers, employers, professional users, housing associations, allied companies, residents and other key stakeholders. The master plan, which will be completed in autumn 2023, defines e.g. potential locations for charging stations and the conditions under which charging operators can offer their services there. In addition, the master plan defines the means by which charging points on the cities' own properties can be used as efficiently as possible. In matters related to the master plan, you can contact project coordinator Juha Pulmuranta (

E-bikes and e-scooters

City of Turku has also started developing charging options for electric bikes and electric scooters in the USER-CHI project. The goal is to develop a charging network and make it easier and more carefree to move around for people using electric vehicles.

As a result of the project, charging points for small electric means of transport are being established in the Turku area. The charging points will be located in Mäntymäki and in the bike garage near the Logomo bridge. The Mäntymäki charging point is intended for the residents of the apartment complex, and the Logomo charging point is for general use. The charging points will be put into test use in 2023.

There will be plenty of space for ordinary bicycles as well as cargo bicycles in the mobile bicycle garage to be built near the Logomo bridge. In the garage, it is possible to charge electric bicycles and scooters, and to service bicycles at the bicycle service point. The energy used to charge the bikes is produced by solar panels, which can be found on the roof of the bike garage. The bicycle garage is therefore energy positive.

More with cooperation

The project's partners in Turku are Turku Energia, VASO and TVT, all of which will implement their own pilot projects during the project. 

Turku Energia participates in the project by building an innovative and super-fast two-way charging station for electric cars in, for example, Kupittaa.

VASO is building a new property on Pääskyvuorentie, where a modern electrification project will be built that combines solar energy, battery storage and electric charging points. A 13.3kW solar panel system and a battery will be installed in the buildings, which will be able to cover the electricity demand even at night. The system also enables the use of car batteries to store electricity in the future.

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TVT Asunnot participates in the project by implementing a charging system for light vehicles in Mäntymäki. The charging system will produce its own electricity with solar energy and offers a cost-effective charging option for light electric vehicles. The Mäntymäki point is intended for the residents of the residential area. 

Additional information on the project and the products

A report on the current situation and the future of electric car charging points in City of Turku (pdf)

Report on the current status of and future prospects for charging stations of electric cars in the region of Turku. (pdf)