RESPONSE –Integrated solution for positive energy and resilient cities


Funding: Horizon 2020
Total budget: 19 820 169 €                   

City of Turku and its stakeholders: 6 549 342 €
Duration: 2020–2025
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National project consortium:
Turku Student Village Foundation
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd
Turku University of Applied Sciences
Oy Turku Energia – Åbo Energi AB
Finnish Meteorological Institute
Turku City Data Oy
HR-Ikkunat Ruhkala Oy
Solar Finland Oy
HögforsGST Oy
Sähkö-Jokinen Oy
Elisa Oyj
University of Turku
Oilon Group Oy
Elcon Solutions Oy

Climate neutral cities by 2050

The purpose of the RESPONSE-project is to create sustainable and safe cities while simultaneously improving the quality of life and mitigating the impacts of climate change.

The project aims to find out how the energy production and -consumption of cities as well as its safety, equality and affordability can be combined with the sustainability of the environment on building, block and district levels.

The project is based on interconnected energy supplies and services that promote energy sustainability.

Turku as a pioneer

As the main project partner, the city of Turku creates and executes energy positive blocks and districts during the project. The pilot area in Turku is the Student Village where the project’s solutions are applied to new buildings in the district as well as to few older properties.

The second main partner of the project is the city of Dijon in France. Solutions created in these two cities will be presented to the six other partner cities, which are Brussels (Belgium), Zaragoza (Spain), Botosani (Romania), Ptolemaida (Greece), Gabrovo (Bulgaria) and Severodonetsk (Ukraine).

By creating innovative business models and proving their benefits on a larger scale, the purpose of this collaboration between cities is to raise interest among different stakeholders towards solutions developed in the project.

Resident-oriented energy positive districts

By implementing practical solutions, the project aims to improve the energy self-sufficiency and energy efficiency of housing districts. One of the goals is to increase the amount of locally produced renewable energy used in the district.

New solutions are also created to be able to integrate electric vehicles into the grid and in the student village alternative modes of transport are tested.

On city level the goal is to connect the pre-existing IT-infrastructure with new solutions created in the project and to create a versatile IT entity which both the city and the citizens can utilize.

The energy positive districts are created with a citizen-oriented approach, so that the residents living in the area can impact the solutions being made in their district.

More information about the project

RESPONSE is a 60-month project that begun in 1.10.2020. Execution of the activities will happen during the first two years of the project, which is then followed by a three year's monitoring period.

RESPONSE is funded by the European commission Horizon 2020-framework programme.


Sivun kuva: Ylioppilaskylä-Aitiopaikka. Kuvaaja Esko Keski-Oja/ Turku Energia Oy

Contact details

Olena Zinchuk, Project Development Unit

Sini Lamoureux, Project Development Unit

Juuso Virtanen, Project Development Unit