Parking: Frequently Asked Questions

Parking tickets and demands for rectification

I got a parking ticket. Should I demand for rectification?

  • In order to change the decision you will need very good justifications and evidence
  • Approximately 5 % of demands for rectification are accepted

I got an unnecessary parking ticket. What should I do?

  • Read the reason marked on the ticket
  • Check the traffic signs on the area where you parked
  • You can ask more about the situation from the Parking Control office on weekdays between 9:00 and 12:00, tel. +358 (0)2 2624 015
  • You can demand for rectification if your justifications are clear

I got a parking ticket in a private parking area. Where should I contact?

  • Contact the company stated on the parking ticket. The city does not answer for tickets given by private parking control companies.

What happens if I do not pay my parking ticket?

  • If a ticket has become due, a demand for a raised overdue payment will be sent to the owner/holder of the vehicle
  • The demand for payment will be collected through debt recovery proceedings

A 74 € demand for payment was sent to me. I have not received the original ticket. Do I need to pay the full amount?

  • You can make a written demand for rectification. The matter will be investigated and you will receive the decision by mail. A new invoice will be attached in case the overdue payment is to be cancelled.

I got a 14 € demand for payment. Why?

  • The original ticket was paid after the due date. The overdue payment invoice is sent automatically if the due date is passed.

I have lost the ticket/invoice and I do not have the payment information. How can I get a new invoice?

  • Send an enquiry via email at . Remember to mention your vehicle’s registration number. You will receive a new invoice in the response message.

I got a parking ticket. There were other cars present, but they did not have tickets on their windscreens. Why?

  • All incorrectly parked vehicles get parking tickets
  • The other cars may not necessarily have been there when the tickets were being written, or the cars may have changed
  • The other cars may be correctly parked, please check the traffic signs

I got a parking ticket at night. I have heard that parking is free during night-time. Why did I get a ticket?

  • The police writes parking tickets during evenings and night-time
  • The general parking rules and regulations are in effect 24/7

Does the Parking Control pay on commission?

  • The parking enforcement officers receive a monthly salary. No commissions are paid.

There is no parking prohibition sign on the street. I still got a parking ticket. Why?

  • You may have parked on an area that is a no parking zone. The traffic sign may not be on the street in question, but instead somewhere earlier on the route.
  • Large no parking zones are, for example, Varissuo, Halinen, and the areas of Turku University Hospital and Turku City Hospital.
  • New residential areas are often no-parking zones. Parking is allowed only on spaces marked with signs.

I was unloading the car on the pavement and got a parking ticket. Why?

  • Parking and stopping on the pavement is prohibited if there is enough space on the street. The streets have been designed with the objective that there should be no need to stop a car on the pavement.

I was unloading the car and got a parking ticket. Is unloading not allowed?

  • Unloading is allowed, but it should be uninterrupted. The situation on the street is being followed, and if no-one is seen around the car and the items/goods are not moving within a reasonable time, the vehicle is considered to be parked.

The traffic sign has an additional arrow. What does it mean?

  • An arrow pointing up means the parking prohibition starts here
  • An arrow pointing down means the parking prohibition ends here
  • Arrows to right and left define the parking area

A demand for payment came by mail, but my car has not been at the place in question. What should I do?

  • You can demand for rectification. As a rule, the vehicles are always photographed when a ticket is written.

I got a parking ticket while I was changing money. Do I have to pay it?

  • A need to change money is usually not a sufficient reason
  • You must reserve small change for parking or choose another place to park

The parking slip is still valid; can I use the same slip somewhere else?

  • Yes, you can use a valid parking slip in another place as long as the parking rate is the same. In the City Centre the rate is either 1.50 €/h or 3.00 €/h. You can check the rate from the parking meter.

I think my parking disk was set correctly but I still got a parking ticket. Why?

  • Check if a parking disc is actually meant to be used in the area or not
  • Check the time you set on the disc. The discs are photographed when the ticket is given, so it is easy to check later

I paid my parking to the parking meter but I still got a parking ticket. Why?

  • Was the parking slip on the window readable from outside?
  • Was the parking slip valid at the time when the ticket was written?
  • These things can be checked from the photographs later

Parking control requests

People park incorrectly on the yard of my housing co-operative all the time. Can something be done about it?

  • Contact the maintenance person or property manager of the housing co-operative. A resident may not, without a separate permission, authorize parking control on the plot area.
  • The owner of a parking space may call parking control, if someone uses the reserved space unauthorized

Where should I report about vehicles parked incorrectly during evenings and night-time?

  • The police keeps watch for incorrect parking also at night
  • If a vehicle poses a safety hazard, contact the emergency number 112

Mobile payments

Is it possible to pay by mobile in Turku?

  • Yes, Turku uses both Easypark and Parkman

I paid my parking with Easypark/Parkman. Why did I get a parking ticket?

  • In Turku a user of mobile payments needs to have a sticker on their windscreen indicating the use of the service
  • Make sure you wrote your registration number correctly in the application
  • Make sure you picked the right zone for the payment

How is the validity of a mobile payment checked?

  • Vehicles with a sticker indicating the use of a mobile application are checked with the same application
  • The traffic warder can search the application for the registration number and see valid payments

Vehicle tow-away

A car has been standing on the street abandoned. Where can I report it?

  • The vehicle tow-away office will check the information of the vehicle
  • If there are justifications to request that the vehicle be moved, the request will be attached to the vehicle’s windscreen

My car has disappeared. Does the city tow cars away?

The city can tow away:

  • vehicles that are without registration plates, have not been inspected, or have been decommissioned
  • vehicles that impede cleaning or traffic
  • vehicles with five or more unpaid non-appealable parking tickets
  • burnt or wrecked vehicles

Disabled parking

I have a disabled parking permit. Why did I get a parking ticket?

  • Your car may have been on a parking space that is not covered by the disabled parking permit
  • The parking permit may not have been visible from outside
  • The disabled parking permit entitles the holder to
    • free parking on spaces that are normally subject to a charge
    • unlimited parking on spaces with a time limit
    • parking over a parking prohibition area or on a no parking area
  • Other parking regulations must be followed