Parking Tickets and Demands for Rectification

Parking tickets in brief

  • The amount of a parking ticket is 60 euros
  • The ticket must be paid within 30 days

Demand for rectification in brief

  • A demand for rectification must be done in writing within 30 days of receiving the parking ticket
  • Demand for rectification
  • The processing time is approximately four weeks

Contact information

Additional information

You will receive a parking ticket if:

  • you have stopped or parked your vehicle against prohibitions and restrictions
  • you have not followed the regulations and instructions regarding the use of a parking disk
  • you have not followed the prohibitions and restrictions regarding vehicle idling

The amount of a parking ticket in Turku is 60 euros.

Paying the parking ticket

You must pay the parking ticket within 30 days of receiving it. After the due date the payment will be raised by the statutory 14 euros.

  • Account number: FI10 8000 1300 8865 96
  • The index number must be used when paying the ticket!

Making a demand for rectification

The driver or holder of the vehicle can make a demand for rectification if they are of the opinion that the ticket has been given without justification. The demand must be done in writing and within 30 days of receiving the ticket. The demand for rectification can be sent to the offices of Parking Control.

You should validate your demand properly. That you do not know the traffic signs or that you did not see or look at them will, in most cases, not change the decision.

The processing of the demand for rectification

The demand for rectification should be sent to the offices of Parking Control, where it will be processed. The processing time for the demand is usually several weeks. A written decision will always be sent to the petitioner by mail in case the petitioner has provided a postal address with the demand.



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