Vehicle Tow-away and Scrap Vehicles

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Why has my vehicle been towed away?

  1. The vehicle was parked incorrectly
  2. The vehicle has impeded the maintenance and cleaning of the street(s)
  3. The vehicle is not really in use
  4. The vehicle is classified as a scrap vehicle
  5. The vehicle has endangered road safety (towed away by the police)
  6. The vehicle has been parked in an area that is under a request to remove vehicles (Finnish: siirtokehotus; see an example of a sign below).
Liikennemerkki Turun kaupungin siirtokehoitusmerkistä

How will I know that my vehicle has been towed away?

  • The owner of the vehicle will be sent a notification by mail.
  • If the owner is unknown, the tow-away will be announced on the Turku City noticeboard for public notices at Puolalankatu 5 and the Turun kaupungin kuulutukset web page

Where has my vehicle been taken to?

  1. As a local tow-away to a nearby street when possible, or
  2. To the city’s temporary storage

How can I get my vehicle back from the storage?

It is possible to redeem the vehicle within two months from receiving the towing decision, if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • The costs of towing have been paid
  • The costs of storage have been paid

Also note that:

  • You must show a receipt for the payment and an identification card when redeeming the vehicle
  • A power of attorney is needed if the person redeeming the vehicle is not the owner or holder of the vehicle

You will get the payment order for the towing and storage costs from the Parking Control office / the vehicle tow-away office, at  Puolalankatu 5 (1st floor), when redeeming the vehicle.

How much does the storage cost?

Towing a car or a van to storage on weekdays during office hours (between 7:00 and 16:00):

  • For the first 7 days: 148,20 €
  • For the following 7-day periods: 32,50 €

If the vehicle is towed outside office hours, the costs are higher.

When do I have to redeem my towed vehicle?

The owner must redeem the vehicle within two months of the announcement. If the owner does not redeem the vehicle within two months, the ownership of the vehicle will pass to the City of Turku. Abandoned vehicles will be removed from the streets on the grounds of the law on vehicle towing and disposal of scrap vehicles.

What is a local tow-away?

In a local tow-away the vehicle is moved, for example, to the other side of the street or some other nearby location. A local tow-away may be necessary when:

  1. The vehicle impedes or prevents the maintenance, cleaning, or other work on the streets
  2. The street area must be emptied because of some event
  3. The owner or holder of the vehicle has not followed the sign that requests to move all vehicles (Finnish: siirtokehotus)

Signs that request to move all vehicles are set on the streets at least 2 days before the vehicles need to be moved.

How much does the local tow-away cost?

The costs caused by the local tow-away are charged from the owner of the vehicle. The following regulations apply:

  • A local tow-away of a car, a van, or a motorcycle on a weekday between 8:00 and 16:00 costs 80,60 euros
  • If the vehicle is moved outside office hours, the costs are higher
  • A local tow-away is free of charge if the vehicle was correctly parked on the spot already before the vehicle removal signs were set

The police can also tow away a vehicle that impedes traffic. In such cases the practice and costs are the same as above.