Enterprise Parking

Enterprise parking is used in six different areas. The areas are in the City Centre, Port Arthur, Pohjola, University Hill, and next to Samppalinna and the University Hospital. The same area division applies also to residential parking.


Terms and conditions of enterprise parking:

  • one of the enterprise’s offices is located in the area, and this can be proved with a property owner’s certificate (less than one month old)
  • the enterprise or its employee is the holder or owner of the vehicle as per the vehicle register
  • if the vehicle is owned by the employee, proof must be shown of the employment and that the enterprise compensates for the use of the vehicle
  • max. 3 permits / office
  • max. 3 vehicles / permit

Three registration marks can be marked on one permit, but the permit can only be used in one vehicle at a time. The permit must be put inside the windscreen in a well visible place. The parking spaces meant for enterprise parking have been marked separately with signs; not all street parking spaces are for residential or enterprise parking.

Validity period

  • November 1 – October 31 (1 year)


  • € 350


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