Parking Fees and Areas

Pysäköintiautomaatteihin liimatut tarrat informoivat pysäköinnin aikarajoituksesta

Time limits for paid car parks  

Stickers attached to parking meters inform you about the time limits of the payments.

You can purchase two hours of parking at a time from a parking meter marked with a yellow sticker.

You can purchase half an hour of parking at a time from a parking meter marked with a red sticker.

You can purchase as much parking time as you want from a parking meter marked with a green sticker.

There are three different zones with different hourly rates in the City Centre area. Please note that there are also many private parking companies in the area who have their own policies.

Payment methods

  • Cash
  • Payment by mobile app(three service providers: EasyPark, Parkman and Moovy - they require registration) 
  • Credit card or debit card, and contactless payment(also Google Pay, Apple Pay and OP Pivo)

Parking zones and fees

  • Zone I (downtown): 3,00 €/hour
  • Zone II : 1,50 €/hour
  • Zone III: 0,60€/hour

Parking zones on the map

Parking times

In general, the parking zones mentioned above are subject to a charge in the following times:

  • on weekdays (Mon-Fri) 9-18
  • on Saturdays 9-15

Free parking on Sundays.

Faulty parking meters

If you notice a fault in a parking meter please contact the service advice number at +358 (0)2 2633 2237.