Shared-use vehicles

Remember these

  • Use electric and assisted vehicles only on bicycle routes or in the road.
  • Take other road users into account and adjust your speed to the situation.
  • Make sure that your parking does not interfere with the mobility of other people.

Shared-use vehicles have arrived in Turku to facilitate the movement of the city’s residents. The new types of transport enable the combination of different modes of transport: for example, you can take the first part of your journey on a Föli bus and then continue on an electric scooter or city bike. Renting a vehicle is ecological and there is plenty of choice in the shared-use vehicles for different needs.

City bikes and e-bikes

Moving about with a bike is easy. You can use a Föli bike to get from one station to another. Or you can take a 10Bikes e-bike with you on a longer trip, such as the Archipelago Ring Road.

  • Föli bikes (The Föli bikes are not currently operating. The procurement of the new system is under preparation.)
  • 10Bikes  

There is also a Biketaxi in Turku that carries passengers on its electric bikes, i.e. rickshaws. The rickshaws are equipped with hoods in case of a rainy day.

Electric scooters

Electrically powered scooters assist you in moving about in downtown Turku. You will get to where you want to go quickly on an e-scooter. You can leave the e-scooter practically anywhere; please take other road users into account when parking, however. E-scooter users are subject to the same traffic rules as cyclists.

Shared cars

You don’t always have to own a car, as you can rent one easily if you need it. Shared cars are ideal for short and longer journeys, and they also make moving house easier.


You can experience marine Turku the best by renting a boat. Electric Låna boats can be used in the Aura River, and Buster Rent and Skipper boats can be used to enjoy the sea air farther away.