City’s Advertising Spots

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Do I need a permit for my advertisement?

If you want to place an advertisement on a land area that is owned by the City of Turku, you will need a permit from the city.

Permits for permanent advertisements

Permanent advertisements on city-owned land also require building and siting permits. These spots are rented for 5–10 years depending on the contract. The rent depends on the size of the advertisement. Apply for a permit with a free-form application that includes the following information:

  • size of the advertisement
  • number of advertisements
  • who advertises and what is being advertised

Building and siting permits must be sought from the Urban Environment Division.

Temporary advertisements

A permit from the landowner is also needed for short-term and temporary advertisements. Temporary advertisements also include banners that can be attached in the banner spots along Naantalin pikatie, Hämeentie, Uudenmaantie, and Tampereentie. Banner spots can also be found above Yliopistonkatu and Aurakatu.

Advertisement stands of businesses

  • No need to apply for a permit.
  • You must leave least 1.5 metres of free space across the pavement.
  • The stand must be removed after closing time.