Permissions for Events

When does an event require permission?

All outdoor events and sales require permission from the landowner. If you wish to organize an event in a public area owned by the city, such as a park, street or market square, you must get permission from the city of Turku. Fill in the event announcement form below. The form is in Finnish/Swedish.

Send the form to:
City of Turku
Urban Environment Division / Events
P.O. Box 11, 20101 Turku

or as an attachment via email at

Permissions for events in sports facilities are granted by the Sports Services Centre.

The following notifications must be filed before the event:

The organiser of a public event must file a written notification to the police at least five days before the beginning of the event.

The organiser of the event must make a rescue plan, which must be filed to the emergency services authorities at least 14 days before the beginning of the event.


A written notification about the preparation, service and sales of food must be filed at least 14 days before the beginning of the event to the Environmental Health Care.


Advice on the prevention of temporary noise and the usage of sound reproduction equipment is available from the Environmental Protection department of the Urban Environment Division. No permission is needed for playing unplugged street music. However, the Public Act prohibits making disturbing noise. For more detailed conditions when a noise report should be filed, please see below.


Licences for dispensing alcohol are granted by the Regional State Administrative Agency.

Demonstrations or street protests

The police must be notified of demonstrations or street protests.


Filming (tv, movies) requires the landowner’s permission. If filming in a public area constricts the movement of others or causes temporary traffic arrangements, the licence information of the police must be notified.


Organizing a fire show or fireworks show or using pyrotechnic effects requires the landowner’s permission. The emergency services authorities must be notified about the usage of fireworks during events with a written form. In case of a fireworks show a permission from the police is also required.

Electricity and water

  • Electricity for an event may be ordered from Turku Energia, tel. +358 0800 02500.
  • Water, Turku Water Utility, tel. +358 (0)2 2633 2292.

Waste management and cleaning

Waste management and cleaning of the venue are responsibilities of the event organizer.

Contact person

Kaisa Kauma-Laula