Permits for Fences, Digs, and Siting

City plan areas

It is not permitted to work on the streets and other public areas within the city plan without a permit from the city. In this case an appropriate permit for the work must be acquired (permits for fences, digs, and/or siting).

Permits for areas outside the city plan

If the activity in question falls outside the public right of access, a permit from the landowner is needed for work in an area (such as a forest or field).

Additional information:
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Notification about short-term work (not digs)

Notifications about short-term work (less than half a day) can be submitted through the Paikalla feedback service. An example of this kind of short-term work is if a vehicle needs to be sited on a street area due to moving, lifting, measuring, washing, installing, or repairs.

Please note that before starting certain operations (e.g. digging) the positions of all wires and cables and other underground devices and structures must be checked from the city’s cable map service (Johtokarttapalvelu) and Johtotieto Oy. If the work requires a cable map, the ordering instructions can be found in Finnish under Johtokarttapalvelu.