Places for Sales

Market squares and selling spaces

The City of Turku rents selling spaces

Also in special cases, such as during events or holidays, sales can be conducted in other locations as well. Such special cases are, for example, the sales of May Day paraphernalia and Christmas trees.

Renting kiosks

New kiosks may be established by renting a site from the city and building a kiosk. Available sites may be found via the site search link below by selecting “Business” under “Intended use for site”. Putting up a kiosk requires a building permit.

Outdoor serving areas

Outdoor serving areas must be applied for with a written application. The application must be attached with a site plan, from which the preliminary outlines of the area and the placing of furnishings come clear. The application must be delivered to the Urban Environment Division.

If the outdoor serving area comprises more than five seats, a planning permission for minor construction must be applied for from Building Control. Temporary rental agreements will be made for the outdoor serving areas.

Additional information

Contact persons for permits and licences