Walking is one of the most important forms of travel in the urban area. Each of us is a walker at some point of our travels.  

The advantage of walking is the calm pace and the opportunity to explore the surroundings while walking. Increasing the use of sustainable modes of transport such as walking, and cycling will also play an important role in achieving Turku`s climate goals.  

The city strives to provide safe and comfortable walking conditions as well as the necessary services along the routes, such as benches and rubbish bins. There are also six public toilets run by the city in Turku. Toilets are free.

Sports Services rents Nordic walking poles for brisk walkers or large groups. The rental service is in the café of the Kupittaa bowling alley.    

Walking routes and tours  

You can walk almost anywhere, but there are also many outdoor routes and trails in Turku that are ready for the adventurer. For example, the info-rich routes of the National Urban Park and Cultural exercise offer the opportunity to see the city and its surroundings with new eyes.