Port of Turku

Additional information

Gateway to the west for passenger traffic

Turku harbour, or the Port of Turku, has good ship connections to the west. Viking Line and Tallink Silja have daily morning and evening departures from Turku and Stockholm. The ships stop by Åland on the way and stay only for a little more than an hour at the harbours where they turn.

Advice for people arriving at the harbour

You can get to the harbour easily by local traffic bus number 1.

If you arrive in your own car you will need a parking space, which are subject to a charge. Parking meters accept both coins and cards, and also mobile payments are possible. There is also a private parking hall next to the Viking Line terminal (additional information: tel. +358 (0)41 497 6556).

Viking Line terminal have lockers for storing luggage and the bank machine. Information about the other services of the harbor is available on the Port of Turku website.