Participation in the Turku suburban vision


The Turku suburban vision is co-created together with the city organization, the residents of Turku and various parties operating in the city through various events, workshops, surveys and a citizen jury.  

On this page you will find information about how to participate in the upcoming events and also information about the events that have already taken place.


Upcoming events 

Workshop: measures for reaching the goals 

The workshop will be held in Finnish. 

What: A joint workshop for residents and professionals working for the city to gather ideas for developing the suburbs. Coffee, tea and snacks are also available. 

Where: Main Library, meeting room Studio, Linnankatu 2. 

When: Thursday 2.6. at 17:00 - 19:30 

Based on the work done so far, there is goals set for good suburbs. The purpose of this workshop is to gather ideas for reaching those goals.  

If you are interested in participating, please register via the following link: 

Registration is not mandatory, but with registration we gather information about the number of participants and their special needs.  

Previous events 

“Active Suburbs” exhibition  

The exhibition “Active Suburbs” was held in March and April. With the help of a few examples, the exhibition demonstrated the positive current vibe happening in the suburbs related to for example culture, recreation and building. The exhibition went around in four different destinations and it was available in met-talo in Pansio, Yhdessä yhdistys in Runosmäki, Monitori in Skanssi and Monitori in Kauppatori. The exhibition was also available online.  

Turku Suburban Vision: Survey   

In an open survey, the respondents were able to tell what things they appreciate in the suburbs of Turku and give ideas on how the suburbs could be improved. The survey was open from March 21st to April 30th, 2022. The survey was available both in Finnish and in English and it was possible to answer it online or with a paper form in the locations of the “Active Suburbs” exhibition. In total 20 people answered the survey.  

Vision workshops for the young  

In March 2022 two workshops were held for the young. In the workshops the young examined the neighbourhoods they spend time in and generated ideas of how these neighbourhoods could be like in the future. The workshops were held at Nummenpakka junior high school and Rieskalähde school.  

Citizen jury 

In September 2021, a citizen jury of 25 members was assembled for the suburban vision. The aim was to form a versatile group with different kind of people and views. In the Jury, the members work together and develop ideas and views for the suburban vision. The jury operates throughout the making of the suburban vision. 

Future themed workshops 

In November 2021, two future themed workshops were held. One workshop was open to all and one workshop was held for the citizen jury. In the workshops, the participants contemplated about the current and future phenomena which are affecting the suburbs in the future. In addition, they reflected the impacts of these phenomena. The aim of the workshops was to create an understanding of the future operating environment in the suburbs. In total, 10 people participated in the public workshop, which was open to everyone.  


If you have questions about participating in the Turku suburban vision or if you have special needs for participation, please contact: 
Sini Mäkeläinen, project coordinator 
sini.makelainen(at), 040 183 4835