Suburban vision schedule

Drawing up the Turku suburban vision began in the summer of 2021. The vision is scheduled to be completed in the end of 2022. 

  • 26.5.2021 Opening event, open to all
  • 9/2021 assembling the citizen jury
  • 17.11.2021 Workshop: Future phenomena, open to all
  • 25.11.2021 Workshop: Future phenomena, citizen jury
  • 20.1.2022 Workshop: Desirable Future, citizen jury
  • 3/2022 Vision workshops for the young
  • 3.3.2022 Workshop, measures for reaching the goals, citizen jury
  • 3–4/2022 “Active Suburbs” exhibition, open to all
  • 3–4/2022 Survey: Qualities for the best suburbs, ideas for reaching goals, open to all
  • 2.6.2022 Workshop: Ideas for reaching goals, open to all
  • 11/2022 Feedback on the draft of the suburban vision, influencer groups
  • 11–12/2022 Workshops: suburb specific ideation, open to all
  • 12/2022 The approval of Turku Suburb vision
  • 1/2023 event open to everyone: getting to know the suburban vision and giving feedback for further developing it