Housing services for persons with intellectual disabilities

Housing services are provided to persons with an intellectual disability tailored to the person's individual needs. When assessing housing options, the person's need for help, care and guidance in daily life is taken into account.

Services can be provided in different housing units, group homes and residential care facilities, or as a service to one’s own home.

Housing services for persons with intellectual disabilities are provided directly by the city or by purchasing services from joint municipal authorities or private service providers. The city pays the municipality’s share of the housing services, and the client is in charge of paying the rent, meals and personal expenses.

Housing services based on the need for support

In intensified residential care staff support and guidance are available at all times. The service is intended for persons in need of 24-hour care and is mainly provided in a group home.  You can find the city’s own assisted housing in Kotiranta, in Portsa Kehräkoti and in the Ruusukuja service apartments.

Residential care is suitable for a person who is quite independent in their everyday activities. The client receives daily assistance, but this option does not include night care. Residents live in their own rental dwellings. You can find guided housing organised by the city in Kurjenkallio and Tervahovi apartments.

Clients of supported housing need different degrees of support and guidance to support their independent living. Support is provided by instructors and other support services such as home service.

For more information on housing options and how to apply for a service, please contact the social workers of services for persons with intellectual disabilities.