Ignite Turku

Participating in the competition

Competition rules (pdf)

Competition schedule

19 August 2020: the competition begins

21 September: the last day to submit questions concerning the competition.
Questions and answers concerning the Ignite Turku competition

14 October, 4 pm: the deadline for submitting competition entries

11 November: the results of the first phase, the beginning of second phase. The proposals of the second phase are published on the Voice your opinion (Kerro kantasi) service for public commenting for two weeks in early November.

10 February 2021: closing event

The competition period has ended. We thank all participants!

The proposals of the second phase are published in Finnish on the Voice your opinion (Kerro kantasi) service.

A good idea will ignite Turku and its residents! 

The City of Turku is organising the open idea competition Ignite Turku in order to develop the city centre. The purpose of the competition is to find ideas that invigorate the city centre and bring joy to the everyday life of Turku residents. The City of Turku will implement the ideas in collaboration with the makers of the most igniting proposals. 

The competition proposals must address one or more objectives of the spearhead project of developing the city centre. These include 

  •   an accessible city centre with smooth mobility 
  •   a commercially attractive city centre and 
  •   a pleasant and vivid city centre of encounters. 

The competition has two series 

The Vivid city centre series is open to any person or group such as a business, an association, a club or a group of residents interested in developing the city centre of Turku. The competition entry for the Vivid city centre series can be any proposal that aims at invigorating the city centre in accordance with the main objectives of the vision for the city centre of Turku. The proposal may be, for instance, an event, service or other concept. 

The City centre under construction series is open to actors specialised in property development or regional development. Potential participants include businesses in the industry, professionals and various kinds of joint ventures. A proposal submitted for the City centre under construction series may be, for instance, a development concept for a city centre block or area.  

In the Vivid city centre series, a total of 20.000 euros worth of incentive awards have been allocated for proposals proceeding to the second phase. The final prize of the competition in both series is implementing the idea either in partnership with the City of Turku or with the resources of the contestant.