Are you worried about coronavirus or the limitations and changes it has brought to everyday life? On this site, you will find information on corona in different languages. Information is updated on this page when the situation changes.

Up-to-date information on corona

The City of Turku gathers current information to provide guidance on corona and changes to city services on the website You can translate the page into your own language using Google Translate.

Follow the corona situation in Turku and South-West Finland 


If they wish, organizations can communicate their service details related to the the state of emergency caused by coronavirus on Poikkeustilanpalvelu webropol form (In Finnish) or by sending the information by e-mail at


Falling ill and getting tested

Coronavirus helpline, phone +358 2 266 2714

The helpline is open on weekdays from 8 am to 3 pm. The helpline is intended for Turku residents and provides advice related to coronavirus. There is a callback service.

Where to get tested?

You can get tested free of charge at:

  • Tykslab units 
  • Timetable of coronavirus prevention bus on weekdays:

    Halinen, Huudi (address Gregorius IX:n tie 8)
    Mon–Fri 9.00 am–11 am

    Perno, sand field located opposite Höveli (address Hyrköistentie 26)
    Monday to Wednesday 12 noon - 2 pm
    Thursday to Friday 9.30 am to 11 am and 12 noon - 2 pm

    Varissuo, behind the hamburger restaurant, next to Varissuo ice hall entrance ramp (address Tiirikkalankatu)
    Mon–Fri 12.15 noon–2.15 pm

    Please note! The testing point of the coronavirus prevention bus only serves Turku residents. Residents of nearby municipalities must use the testing points of their own municipality or Turku University Hospital.

What happens during the coronavirus test? 

A video by Helsingin Sanomat shows what happens during the test. The video has Arabic, Swedish and English subtitles.

COVID-19 vaccinations and COVID-19 passport

Turku vaccinates municipal citizens and people who have selected Turku as their health service point.

All info about vaccinations and how to book your time can be found at Coronavirus Vaccinations in Turku

Turku residents over the age of 18 and those living in Turku can register for getting their first COVID-19 vaccine. 

1. Book appointment via eTerveyspalvelut  (eTerveyspalvelut)

  • in Finnish or Swedish (you can find the login from the Swedish page)
  • over 16-year-olds

2. Book by phone City of Turku COVID-19 vaccination helpline, tel. +358 2 266 0159  (on weekdays from 8 am to 2 pm) 

Turku’s multilingual videos encourage people to get vaccinated

Turku will publish informative videos in seven languages to encourage the residents of Turku to get vaccinated against coronavirus.
ArabicEnglishKurdishPersianRussianSomaliTurkish |

Videos on COVID-19 vaccines in different languages

The videos by Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare provide information on vaccines. 
Arabic | English | Finnish | Russian | Somali |

The third dose of COVID-19 vaccine – answers to most frequent questions (THL)

| Arabic | English | Estonian | Finnish | Kurdish | Russian | Somali |

Protecting yourself against coronavirus 

Protect yourself and your family from coronavirus (THL)

Finnish | Swedish | English | Ukrainian

Use a mask correctly

Instruction shows how to put on a mask and how to remove a mask correctly. By clicking the link, a PDF-file opens.
Albanian | Arabic | Bosnian | Chinese and English  |  
|  Dari | English | French |Greek | Kurdish | 
Lithuanian | Persian | Polish | Russian | Swedish |  
Somali | Vietnamese | 

Picture: How to use mask right (A3)

Instructions for the illiterate

Picture instructions for people who can't read about preventing coronavirus

Video how Covid-19 spreads in everyday life (THL)

Video on how Covid-19 spreads.
| arabic | finnish | somali |

Coronavirus-themed cartoon

The City of Turku has published a coronavirus-themed cartoon for children and young people. The cartoon has been translated not only into Finnish and Swedish but also the following other languages: Arabic, English,  Russian, Somali, Kurdish, Albanian, Estonian, Vietnamese, Polish, Chinese, Bosnian, Turkish, Romanian, Persian and Dari. 

Corona information WhatsApp Picture (1080x1080px)

Brief instructions how to prevent coronavirus in a picture format.
Arabic | Finnish | Kurdish | Persian | Somali |

Instruction videos by Daisy Ladies on protecting yourself against coronavirus

Exposure, illness and quarantine

Instructions for persons ordered into quarantine or isolation

Things you can and cannot do while ordered into isolation and quarantine. By clicking the link, a PDF-file opens.
Albanian | Arabic | Finnish | English | Kurdish |
Persian | Romanian | Somali | Swedish | Thai |  
Russian | Vietnamese |

Instructions for people who have caught coronavirus

What to do if you've caught coronavirus? By clicking the link, a PDF-file opens. (Updated Februrary 2021) 
Arabic |  Dari |  English | Kurdish | 
Russian | Pashto |  Somali | 

Instructions for people who have a family member with coronavirus

What to do when your family member has coronavirus? By clicking the link, a PDF-file opens.
Arabic | Dari | English | Kurdish |
Russian | Pashto | Somali |

Instructions for people who have a family member exposed to coronavirus and ordered into quarantine

What to do when your family member has been exposed and is ordered into quarantine? By clicking the link, a PDF-file opens.
Arabic | Dari | English | Kurdish |
Russian | Pashto | Somali |

Help for worry and anxiety

If the current epidemic or any other factor causes anxiety, the national crisis helpline is open 24 hours per day. It is a low-threshold conversation service that you can contact instead of worrying on your own. There are crisis helplines also in Arabic and English.

Phone numbers:

  • in Finnish +358 9 2525 0111 – open 24 hours per day
  • in Swedish +358 9 2525 0112 – open 20 hours per day on weekdays (Mon-Fri) 
  • in Arabic and English +358 9 2525 0113 – open 20 hours per day on weekdays (Mon-Thu)

Work, unemployment and benefits

Furlough, unemployment or disrupted payment of salary

Many Finns will experience significant worry over work or money if they become unemployed or furloughed due to limitations caused by coronavirus. Therefore, we have put together instructions to give or pass on to those who become unemployed or furloughed or whose employer disrupts the payment of salary. By clicking the link, a PDF-file opens.

English | Russian |

Have you been placed in quarantine? You may be eligible for an infectious disease allowance

You may qualify for an infectious disease allowance if you have been ordered to go into formal quarantine and cannot work. Additionally, you must be covered by the Finnish social security system.  By clicking the link, a PDF-file opens.

Arabic | Finnish | English | Kurdish | Northern Sami | 
Skolt Sami  | Swedish | Somali  | Russian |

Support for entrepreneurs in corona crisis

The Finnish State and municipalities have made decisions on how to support entrepreneurs in financial problems caused by the corona epidemic. City of Turku and Tempo project has put together instructions on support opportunities for companies and entrepreneurs in the corona crisis. Instructions are available in English, Arabic, Russian and Kurdish, and will be translated to Dari. 

Kela has opened a nationwide telephone service in Russian, Arabic and Somali

Due to the state of emergency caused by coronavirus, the Russian, Arabic and Somali telephone services in the capital region have been opened for nationwide use. The lines are open on Mondays, Wednesday and Friday from 9 am to noon. They are open only during the state of emergency caused by coronavirus and when they eventually close down, it will be communicated separately. If the customer is able to handle their affairs in Finnish, Swedish or English, they will be redirected to other service numbers. If they are able to handle their affairs online, they will be advised to do so.

Kela telephone service numbers:

  • in Arabic +358 20 6344 902
  • in Somali +358 20 6344 905
  • in Russian  +338 20 6344 901

Information about coronavirus in several languages in other services