The strike by JHL, Juko and Jyty have a major impact on the services of the City of Turku from May 3rd to 9th, 2022. The strike affects all the city`s services, i.e., welfare, education and services, the urban environment and leisure services. Information on the effects of the strike will be updated on this page. (Updated May 4.)

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Guardians are also being informed about the effects of the strike in Wilma

Because of the strike the City of Turku has closed some of the city`s services, as operations cannot be secured in the event of the strike. Excluded from a strike are activities in which the strike could endanger the life, health or safety of citizens and property. 

Monitori Market Square and tourist information are closed. The property is open and other services may have restrictions. Monitori Skanssi serves with restrictions. Business operations at the Turku point will be closed. 

Early childhood education

Most of the kindergartens and pre-school units operating in connection with the schools are closed and the family daycare nurses are not at work. 

The Kaskenmäki shift work - day care unit and Porth Arthur 24-hour unit are open to families and children who normally go there.  
A few kindergartens may be open on a limited basis and some family day care workers are at work, these will be reported separately. 

All playgrounds, clubs, open kindergartens and family groups are closed. 

Early childhood education customer fees are reimbursed when the operational units are closed due to a strike. 

Due to the length of the strike, school lunches will not be distributed.

Turku primary schools, upper secondary schools, the Turku Vocational Institute and adult education centres

Turku primary schools are closed. Lunch is available at the school that is closest to home, no delivery or lifts to school are organised.

There is no morning-, afternoon or club activities. 

Upper secondary schools are closed. However, a teacher who does not take part in a strike may arrange tuition and inform his or her students directly. Senior dances will be held. No school lunches available.

Turku Vocational Institute schoolhouses are closed. The teachers inform the students directly about arranging distance -, contact-, or independent teaching. Students with training agreement continue their workplace education normally. Senior dances will be held. School lunches available, but not in Juhannuskukkula and Lemminkäisenkatu.

Adult Education Center teachers inform their groups directly about the management of teaching.  The aim is to provide both contact and distance teaching.

Social and health services

A strike will affect many social and health care services by slowing down operations and handling of matters. 

The exact effects of the strike are not yet known. Some services may need to be reduced during the strike. 

Customes `group and club transports e.g., rehabilitative activities will be canceled on strike days if the strike occurs. Pre-ordered patient transports will be handled. In additon, vaccinations transport for the elderly will be carried out according to plan.

About disability services, Koskikoti temporary care unit and day activities center  Kirjo will be closed completely when the strike takes place. Other activity centers have reduced operations, meaning that groups with instructors on strike have been cancelled.

A strike does not apply to school health services. Nurses, school doctors and psychiatric nurses are normally present in schools. if you have an appointment, please come to the reception.

Leisure facilities

The strike has closed leisure facilities.

Customer service for sports services in Kupittaa is closed.

Petrelius Swimming Hall is closed. Petrelius and Paattinen gyms are open for those with a wristband. The pool space for rent at Paattinen Community Center is in use. 

Impivaara Swimming Hall is open Tuesday 3rd – Wednesday 4th May 6 –12am, Thursday 5th May klo 2–8 pm, Friday 6th May 11am–18 pm and Monday 9th 6–12am. Impivaara Swimming Hall is closed 7th–8th May. In general, excercise groups by Turku Sports Services are not organized in Turku Swimming Facilities. 

School gyms, Sports Centre Alfa, Varissuo Ice Hall and its gym, Impivaara Ice Hall , Impivaara Fotball Hall and Kupittaa Ball Sports Hall are open.  

The activities of the orchestra will continue normally. 

The activities of youth services are mainly closed or reduced. The youth services social media channels will inform if the facilities are open. The Digipoint project is functioning normally.  

All the libraries are closed, and the library buses do not travel. Independent use is not possible in the nearby libraries. E-resources are available normally. 

Tourism services may be slightly reduced.

Turku Castle is open 3–8 May Tue–Sun 10am – 6 pm. Brinkkala Gallery is open 4–8 May Wed–Sun 10am – 6 pm. Biological Museum, Kylämäki Village, Pharmacy Museum & Qwensel House and WAM are closed 3–8 May.

Urban environment services

Non-strike personnel, for example in licensing services, serve customers through direct customer contacts. 

Some activities in the urban environment, such as the animal care facilities have been restricted outside the strike in cooperation with unions. In these areas, the aim is to organize activities normally.

Public transport

With the strike, mainly no traffic on Föli transport lines  3, 30, 50, 51, 52, 52A, 53, 54, 55A, 58, 71, 73 and 74 on 3 - 9 May. Drivers of Turun Kaupunkiliikenne Oy, the operator of these lines, will participate in the strike organised by JHL. Turun Kaupunkiliikenne Oy also operates lines 1, 55 and 56, which, however, can be driven almost normally by drivers coming to work.

Also Turku school lines 52, 52A, 67, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78 and 79 do not run during the strike. Other Föli lines will run normally during the strike. Turun Kaupunkiliikenne Oy's share of the Föli traffic is approximately 14%.

We recommend using other lines during the strike if possible and set aside more time to travel, as the buses in traffic are fuller than usual.

Föli provides more information on the effects of the strike at

Waste management

Due to strike, some of LSJH sorting stations in the Turku area will be closed May 3–9 2022. During the strike, the services of packing waste collection vehicles and other large transporters of waste can only be handled in the usual way at the Topinoja and Korvenmäki waste handling centers.