The swimming area comprises eight pools with different purposes. There is a suitable pool for everyone, whether you are a fitness swimmer, a parent with children or a water sports enthusiast. The stunning facilities are named after characters and places in Aleksis Kivi’s classic novel, Seven Brothers.

Impivaara pools's names

Venla 50 m pool

Impivaara’s largest pool, with eight lanes. Intended primarily for fitness swimming, aquajogging and swimming club practice.

Juhani 25 m pool

One of the novelties at Impivaara is a 10-lane, 25-metre pool with a depth of 1.3–1.8 metres. The pool is used for various supervised activities, from aqua aerobics to swimming lessons. It is also open for fitness swimmers, school groups and swimming clubs.

Tuomas diving pool

The diving pool (14x16 m) has diving boards ranging in height from three to 10 metres, as well as two one-metre and two three-metre springboards. The pool is 4.5 metres deep and is used by professional and non-professional divers, as well as e.g. scuba-divers and underwater rugby players.

Aapo multipurpose pool

This 12x12-metre multipurpose pool is equipped with water massage jets and an entry lift. The water temperature is 30 °C. The pool is used for aqua aerobics, baby and family swims and swimming lessons.

Simeoni family pool

This pool is available for family use whenever the centre is open. The pool, whose depth ranges from 0.3 to 1.2 metres, has a water slide. The water temperature is always 30 °C.

Lauri paddling pool

Next to the family pool is a paddling pool for our smallest guests, with a depth of 0.2 metres. The water temperature here is also 30 °C.

Timo teaching pool

This pool is mainly used for teaching and can be sectioned off from the main pool. In the mornings it is reserved for pre-schoolers and school children, while in the evenings and on weekends it hosts children’s swimming lessons and baby/family swims. The water temperature is 30 °C.

Eero cold pool

This 1.4x3.8 m pool is for those who aren’t afraid of taking a cold dip. At 4 °C, the water is guaranteed to get your circulation going.