International visits at day cares and schools of Turku

International guests are welcome to visit Turku schools and daycare centers as well as the administration at the Education Division. We also offer trainings, workshops, and lectures. All visits will be tailored to the needs of the visiting group. For more information, contact  Helena Mikkola, the Manager of International Affairs.

Welcome to Turku!

Domestic visits to Turku schools and daycare centers

Domestic visitors are also welcome to visit Turku daycare centers, schools, and administrative services at the Education Division. For more information, contact Satu Rantala or Aino Saarinen.


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International team

Manager of International Affairs Helena Mikkola

  • planning and guidance in international affairs at the Education Division
  • international projects

International Affairs Coordinator Laura Vahtera

  • planning of international affairs
  • travel arrangements

International coordinator at Turku Vocational Institute

Please contact International Affairs Coordinator Maria Hokkanen

  • international on-the-job-learning, all fields
  • training of international tutors

Turku Adult Education Centre

For information on multicultural education and training, please contact

Elena Levantovskaja, International officer