Invoicing addresses and instructions

In accordance with a decision made by the City Board on 15 December 2009 (Section 669), the City of Turku only accepts e-invoices. The city’s invitations to tender require the supplier to be able to send their invoices as e-invoices. The City of Turku does not accept invoices by e-mail.

Invoicing information

E-invoice address
City of Turku
Name of receiving organisation
E-invoice address of the receiving organisation
E-invoice operator: CGI
Operator ID: 003703575029

PLEASE NOTE! The name of the person processing the invoice must be written in the ‘Your reference’ field.

Invoicing addresses (in Finnish)

Invoicing instructions

General requirements for invoices

  • the date of the invoice
  • a sequential number that uniquely identifies the invoice (invoice number)
  • the vendor’s VAT identification number
  • the vendor’s name
  • the vendor’s address (also street address)
  • the buyer’s VAT identification number if the reverse charge applies or if the invoice concerns intra-community trade (trade in goods between Member States of the EU)
  • the buyer’s name and address
  • the quantity and nature of the goods supplied or the extent and nature of the services rendered
  • the purchase order number if the invoice concerns the purchase of SAP ERP goods or services
  • if there is no purchase order number, the ‘our reference’ field on the invoice must be filled
  • the delivery date of the goods, the date or period on which the service was rendered or the payment date of the advance payment
  • the delivery address if the invoice concerns the purchase of goods
  • the taxable amount per rate
  • the unit price exclusive of tax
  • the tax rate and the amount of tax payable
  • the total amount payable, including VAT
  • in the case of an exemption from taxes, reference to the applicable provision of the Value Added Tax Act or the EU VAT Directive, or any other reference indicating that the supply of goods or services is exempt
  • if the taxable person is the buyer according to law, reference that the supply of goods or services is subject to the reverse charge procedure
  • any discounts and rebates if they are not included in the unit price
  • in the case of an amendment invoice, reference to the previous invoice
  • where the procedure applicable to the sale of works of art, collectors' items and antiques, as referred to in Section 79a of the Value Added Tax Act, is applied, reference to the profit margin system
  • the contact information of the sender of the invoice for obtaining possible further information
  • a fee invoice must be accompanied by a natural person’s certificate of YEL insurance (entrepreneur's pension insurance); the certificate is sent once a year. (If a YEL insurance has not been taken out, the compensation will be paid as salary. In this case, the employee’s pension contributions will be withheld from the payment.)

Payment term

The general payment term of the City of Turku is 30 days net.

Credit notes

If the original invoice or delivery is incorrect, the supplier must send a credit note pertaining to it.

The credit note must indicate the number of the debit invoice and provide the same reference information that was included in the debit invoice.

Sending invoices

In order for invoices to be processed and the processing of invoices to be automated, all invoices must include certain required reference information. The buyer will provide the supplier with the necessary references. 

International procurement and invoicing of goods and services

At the ordering stage of a product or service, the city’s VAT number, FI02048198, must always be reported to the seller. This helps to ensure the validity of the invoice for the VAT process. For city’s procurements, the buyer must always be stated as City of Turku, and the specific unit making the purchase must be declared (e.g. City of Turku, Recreation Division, Youth Services).

An international invoice must include:

  • the VAT numbers and official names of the seller and buyer
    Buyer: City of Turku + more specific unit information. The VAT number of City of Turku is FI02048198.
  • BIC/Swift code, BIC and Swift codes are 8 or 11 characters long (5th and 6th one are country indicators)
  • IBAN (bank account number including country code)
  • notification of the regulations regarding VAT in international trade
  • number (incl. net weight) and type of products / extent and type of services
  • delivery date of product / implementation date of service (if not same as the invoice date)
  • if possible, CN (Intrastat code) in product purchases through EU trade

More information

The invoicing of purchases and sales of the services of Turku City is managed by Sarastia for the most part.

Customer service: tel. +358 (0)20 639 9400 on weekdays 8:00–16:00. Calls are subject to the standard mobile call charge and local network charge (mpm/pvm).

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