Invoicing addresses and instructions

Varha’s invoicing instructions

The City of Turku's Welfare Services and the Southwest Finland Emergency Services will be part of the Wellbeing Services County of Southwest Finland (Varha) as of 1 January 2023. 

At the same time, the billing addresses and instructions also change.

By clicking on the title, you can have access to more detailed instructions.

According to section 669 of the city council decision on adopted on 15 December 2009, the City of Turku will only accept e-invoices. The city's invitations to tender require that the supplier can send e-invoices. If the supplier cannot send an electronic invoice from its invoicing system, the supplier may use our Vendor Portal, which they can access free of charge.

The City of Turku will no longer accept invoices sent as email attachments, as these are not electronic invoices. The City of Turku does not accept invoices that contain personal information. Biographic data ( e.g. name and date of birth) relating to the invoice must be submitted in a separate attachtment, which must be sent to the subscriber´s  e-mail or delivery address.

The attachments, bulletins, queries, advertisements, goods and payment reminders that must be sent confidentially are separately sent must be sent to the subscriber's email address or delivery address.

Invoices sent to the City of Turku must comply with the mandatory invoice requirements specified in the Tax Administration's instructions. E-invoicing requires to use VAT number as part of invoice’s basic information. City of Turku’s VAT number is FI02048198.

As of 17 May 2021, e-invoices sent with old e-invoicing addresses will no longer be sent to the recipient and the sender will receive an automatic error message. Paper invoices sent to the old invoicing address will also not reach their intended recipient.

Invoices will be subject to a payment term of 30 days from the receit of an acceptable invoice unless otherwise is agreed in the invoicing agreements or upon acceptance of the offer. Legislation is also taken into account.


It's important to update the invoice addresses of customer register since 1 June 2021 changes were made to the City of Turku's e-invoicing addresses and invoice format requirements. 

Invoicing information
Recipient name
Recipient's e-invoice address
E-invoicing operator: CGI
Operator ID: 003703575029

Name of the invoicing recipientInvoicing address
City of Turku
(Not Turku City Ltds)
City of Turku Family and Social Services Purchased Services
(Only purchase invoices that require privacy protection)
00370204819800319 (to be discontinued on 30 December 2022)
Southwest Finland Emergency Services00370204819800120 (to be discontinued on 30 December 2022)

When Turku has provided a purchase order number in connection with the order, it must be used in the invoice header and the invoice lines on the invoice. An invoice consisting of several purchase orders is not permitted (= consolidated invoice).

If the material invoices for food services have more than one line for purchase orders, enter the first order line's purchase order number in the invoice header.

Please check the appendices below for details on how to send the invoice. The client's task is to ensure that their suppliers have up-to-date invoicing addresses.

E-invoicing addresses for limited liability companies owned by the City of Turku have not changed.

Further information:

Check the details below to send the invoice

The City of Turku only accepts e-invoices in the TEAPPSXML 2.7.2 format. If you use Finvoice (1.0, 2.0, 2.01 or 3.0), Visma XML,

Liinos XML, WoodX, PebbolBIS (2.0 or 3.0) or other similar format, please contact your billing system vendor to find out how to get the information content required by Turku in the right slot in your invoice message.

XML instructions for invoices (PDF, in Finnish)

If the invoice xml contains incomplete or incorrect information, the invoice will be returned to the supplier.

Vendor Portal

The Vendor Portal is a service in which invoices can be made and delivered electronically if the invoice sender does not have access to the invoicing system. The City of Turku has concluded an agreement on a free Vendor Portal. To register in the Vendor Portal, complete the form on the Sarastia Oy website

You can sign into the Vendor Portal on the Laskuhotelli website. When signing in for the first time, we recommend that you consult the of the Vendor Portal User Manual.

Invoicing of the construction service from the City of Turku (reverse value added tax obligation)

The City of Turku (business ID 0204819-8) is an organisation selling construction services more than occasionally as referred to in section 8 c of the Value Added Tax Act. All construction services purchased by the City as defined by law are subject to the reversed obligation to value added taxes.

International procurement and invoicing of goods and services

At the ordering stage of a product or service, the city’s VAT number, FI02048198, must always be reported to the seller. This helps to ensure the validity of the invoice for the VAT process. For city’s procurements, the buyer must always be stated as City of Turku, and the specific unit making the purchase must be declared (e.g. City of Turku, Recreation Division, Youth Services).

An international invoice must include:

  • the VAT numbers and official names of the seller and buyer
    Buyer: City of Turku + more specific unit information. The VAT number of City of Turku is FI02048198.
  • BIC/Swift code, BIC and Swift codes are 8 or 11 characters long (5th and 6th one are country indicators)
  • IBAN (bank account number including country code)
  • notification of the regulations regarding VAT in international trade
  • number (incl. net weight) and type of products / extent and type of services
  • delivery date of product / implementation date of service (if not same as the invoice date)
  • if possible, CN (Intrastat code) in product purchases through EU trade

More information

The invoicing of purchases of the services of Turku City is managed by Sarastia for the most part.

Customer service: tel. +358 (0)20 639 9400 on weekdays 8:00–16:00. Calls are subject to the standard mobile call charge and local network charge (mpm/pvm).

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