Applying period for upper secondary schools and vocational institutions: Spring 2023

Education institutions announce the results of the student admissions on xx June 2023 at the earliest. If you get a student place you will receive an admission letter from the education institution. You must accept the place by the date specified in the letter or you will lose the place.

The main applying period for upper secondary schools is held every spring during the joint application period. Applicants must fill a joint application form and a general selection form for upper secondary schools. The comprehensive schools' education tutors will help students in applying.

Upper secondary school education is also given for adults at the adult upper secondary schools in the Turku region. Adult upper secondary schools have a separate applying process from the joint application system. Summer school education is given for upper secondary school students and first-year upper secondary school students at adult upper secondary schools in the Turku region in June and August. More specific registration information can be received from the adult upper secondary schools.