Museum of living history

The Kylämäki Village in Kurala opened to the public in 1988. The Kylämäki Village is not a typical open-air museum. It is a village where history is brought to life with demonstrations and authentic experiences. For twenty years the museum's workshop was a place to try out archaeological work, but today you can go in and explore traditional handicrafts.

The heart of the village is the Iso-Kohmo house which is firmly set in the 1950s. You will meet a woman farmer in the kitchen-cum-living room, who will tell you about the village and its history. The house is furnished in its original 1950s style, and the former inhabitants are still present in photographs and stories.

The objects and items in Kurala belong to the teaching collection of the Turku Museum Centre. This means that visitors can touch and use the objects; you can sit on the chairs, read the papers and play with the toys.