Instructions for Using Ski Tracks

Generally known rules for using ski tracks:

  • Please show consideration for other skiers.
  • Ski on the right ski track, overtake on the left.
  • Keep a sufficient distance to the person skiing before you.
  • Ski in the direction shown.
  • Faster skiers give way to slower skiers, and persons who ski alone give way to persons who ski in file.
  • Do not ski right behind another skier.
  • Do not switch the ski track when skiing downhill.
  • Take your breaks on the side of the ski tracks.
  • You have a responsibility to help in case of an accident.

Ski tracks are meant only for skiers

A ski track means the area that has been prepared for skiing as a whole: both the ski tracks for classic style and the level area for skating style skiing. Walking is prohibited on the ski tracks for safety reasons. Walking on the ski tracks breaks the grooves of the tracks and may cause dangerous situations. The walking prohibition is based on legislation.

There are many other places in Turku to go for a walk even in winter. There are 346 kilometres of joint pedestrian and cycle ways, 310 kilometres of pavement, and 9.3 kilometres of trails and stairs in parks that are all maintained in winter.

Ski track time for dogs in Oriketo

The safety of the ski tracks has been paid attention to also in the Public Order Act, according to which the owner of an animal must make sure it does not get, for example, on public ski tracks. Special time slots have been allotted for dog sled skiing in Oriketo ski tracks twice a week. Horseback riding and driving a horse-drawn vehicle on ski tracks is also prohibited, unless there is a sign that specifically allows it.