Experience Luostarinmäki

Luostarinmäki Museum Quarters invites you to experience town life in bygone times and the history of Luostarinmäki. The museum offers lots to see for visitors of all ages.

The homes and workshops tell the stories of lives and work in Luostarinmäki and Turku in different times. We take on the perspective of inhabitants from different eras. In summer, you will meet craftsmen in the workshops and hosts in their daily chores.

Themed exhibitions take a deeper dive into Luostarinmäki’s history

The introductory exhibition tells the history of Luostarinmäki in a nutshell.
A home of your own sheds a light on the construction of the houses and traditional Finnish building techniques used in Luostarinmäki.
Home port and overseas gives a glimpse into the history of seafaring in Turku and the lives of Luostarinmäki’s sailors. 
Images from a stone explains the fascinating technique of lithography and the history of the lithographic print house Turun kivipaino.

Children’s Luostarinmäki

Children's Luostarinmäki provides space for play, doing, and learning! Visitors of all ages are welcome to through hands-on-exploration and fun activities learn more about Luostarinmäki’s history and the people who have lived here.

An easier route to the museum

A more accessible route will take you from the Museum Shop’s yard to the museum. The ticket office will provide you with a map over the route and the houses accessible for persons using a wheelchair.