For schools


NB. Due to Covid-19 guided tours are not arranged in Luostarinmäki for the time being. Groups with guides cannot enter the museum district either.

Come and give your class a stroll in the museum!

Luostarinmäki Museum Quarter offers guided tours for comprehensive schools, upper secondary schools and vocational institutes.  

A visit to the museum is a great way to complement traditional teaching, and you can combine it with many different subjects. Let us know your wishes for the tour so that we can plan a visit most suitable for your group.

Comprehensive school pupils and secondary-level students (from Turku) as well as the teachers entering with them get free admission to the museum. The prerequisite for this is that the teacher acts as the group leader. For other school groups the entrance fee is 2,50 €/student. The fee for a guided tour is 70 €.